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This is a listing of individuals and companies who offer various restoration services and reproductions of Japanese militaria. Also we hope to add the names of collectors who are interested in buying certain kinds of Japanese militaria.



If you are looking for a top quality "HAND MADE" reproduction. this is the one for you. It is a one of a kind WWII ammo pouch - front $80.00, rear $70.00, NCO belt $40.00 and bayonet frog $35.00.Almost like an original from the string to the nipple brass. Don't be fooled by cheap machine made reproductions out there. Only the true and expert Japanese collectors wouldn't settle for less. Detailed to perfection, satisfaction guaranteed, no risk involved, 100% money back guarantee. 3 day return policy.

Michael Antonio

1741 H South Dogwood Drive

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

E-mail:; telephone 540 - 438 9613.


(April 2002)


A unique opportunity to acquire original Japanese military artifacts and quality reproduction items. We are active collectors who constantly purchase, trade and sell Japanese militaria. We specialize in weapons and field equipment such as holsters, canteens, bayonets, helmets and insignia.


We manufacture reproduction muzzle covers, rear ammo pouch oilers and boosters for the Type 91 hand grenade. All items are patterned after the original item.

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(May, 2002)



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