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The Military Rifle Journal at often has articles on Japanese rifles.


Shannon Zeigler sent in the following links:

 There are photos of Japanese weapons at

There are additional pictures of Japanese weapons at

 I received the following e-mail several months ago. I have not had a chance to check all of these websites in detail so I would appreciate any feedback. ( )


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Subject: Some sights featuring Japanese collectors items


I have found some web sites that often feature Japanese collectable iItems that I feel should be noted so our membership can support those few dealers that feature fine collector items.


I would hope that others would share any good web dealers that they may have discovered with the membership.


Thanks, Buck Squires


There is a web site at which deals with "history and weapons of the Imperial Japanese Army." As this is a Japan based site, it contains quite a bit of interesting information.


Ricky's Gun Room, Inc., at and specializing in military firearms, war relics, related accessories, and some gun parts, was founded in 1984 by Richard M. Kumor, Sr.. We recently expanded our sales to include the international market, shipping collectibles worldwide. We have no showroom nor no set hours but are generally in the office between 11:30am-4:30pm Mon-Thurs Eastern time. We do have an answering machine for your convenience in the event we're unable to take your call. Please note, in the event you must call, we answer by the third ring the fourth ring is the dreaded machine. E-mail address is


"Originally designed to promote Jim Dawson's books about Japanese government swords and the British Royal Air Force, Jim's website typically lists about a dozen imperial Japanese swords for sale at any given time. He also lists for sale several out-of-print books dealing with Japanese military history."


Japanese Handguns


Nambu World (at ) is a constantly growing website on Japanese handguns that covers everything from history, photos and reference material to where to get ammunition and parts. There is also a section dealing with other Japanese militaria (rifles, swords, flags, medals, etc.).


Mike Bailey’s website:  displays pictures of his Nambu collection, started in 1975.


Japanese Rifle Parts


Don Valenta has for sale a variety of parts for both Model 38 and Model 99 rifles. He can be reached by e-mail at or by phone/fax at 413-585-5954. Mail address is P. O. Box 60244, Florence MA 01062-0244.


Source for Metric Taps and Dies


If you are looking for metric taps and dies, a very good source with a very wide selection of standard taps and dies as well as special taps made to order is E-taps at:



Bayonets Dennis "Otto" Ottobre, Proprietor and Banzai Member, usually offering several hundred collectable bayonets for sale. MC/VISA gladly accepted. Call 740-498-5787 or email




Amoskeag Auctions runs 6 firearms and firearms related materials auctions a year. These frequently include Japanese rifles and pistols as well as other Japanese militaria. Details on catalog subscriptions and absentee bidding, as well as auction previews and other information, can be found on their web site at .


Jim Supica at Old Town Station runs two websites:


Our website of antique guns & collectible firearms for sale, along with information for gun collectors. Probably one of the largest single-dealer listing on the Internet. The site enjoys good popularity with 1500 to 1800 visitors per day during October. We also have good search engine placement


Our relatively new online gun auction website - an Ebay style site where folks can list or bid on guns & related items. Although the site had been in existence for several years as a static site listing live auction results, we just began the interactive online auction format in June.


Edged Weapons and Japanese Militaria


Quality Blade Books...Specializing in useful books on arms and militaria, including Japanese blades, firearms, and equipment.


If you know of other links send them to .


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