November 1999

FELLOW COLLECTORS, this is the sixth complete list of Nambu Type 94 and Type 14 serial number ranges to appear in the pages of BANZAI. The updating of serial number ranges in this list is the result of information gathered by collectors who have forwarded it to us for compilation. Over one hundred BANZAI members have contributed to the lists. We sincerely appreciate their continuing efforts and help in this project. Without them, extensive list updating would not be possible. An explanation of some list specifics is needed. The Type 94 list contains two ranges for the 17.6 date (the "Off-Date" block belongs here), and the Type 14 Nagoya Nambu list has two ranges for the 11.3 off-dates. We have also listed all known individual recorded examples of Type 14 "Taishos," "00s," "Vertical Arsenals," and Nagoya Nambu "Nagoya Only" 8-dates. Total Type 14 production excluding unserialized and/or undated examples is shown. Special symbols denote individually recorded out-of-range serial numbers which are listed under "Additional Information."Some of the high numbers listed are lower than on previously published lists. This was done to eliminate the overlap caused by out-of-range numbers. We used the low number as a base on the theory that a gun would not be dated before it was serialized. We do not know for sure if guns were or were not predated; it is just our way of straightening out the overlap mess. The overlap highs are noted as asterisks and listed under "Additional Information."Some out-of-range numbers are the result of incorrectly recorded information; some numbers may just be arsenal mistakes in serializing and/or dating. It is our theory that most out-of-range numbers are the result of production delays with individual specimens or small blocks of serialized guns. Out-of-range numbers are not uncommon and occur throughout the production runs. You will notice the numbering is especially messed-up in the Type 14 Nagoya (First Series) 18.2-18.8 and Nagoya (Second Series) 18.11-19.4 time frames. Type 94 serialization is inconsistent beginning in late 1941 through the end of production - especially in 1942 which includes the "Off-Dates.

Errors in listing have been made and perpetuated in the years since the first numbers were published in 1968. Hopefully, these errors will be corrected as collectors recheck individual specimens. Please check the serial number of every Nambu Type 94 and Type 14 you inspect against this list. The more collectors who participate in checking serial numbers the more complete the list will become. Again, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SERIAL NUMBERS. Thanks, and HAPPY COLLECTING to all!Mike and Dan Larkin







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