Model 14 Pistol


Picture number 001 (courtesy of Earl Battey) These are pictures of a Model 14 Nambu, Nagoya arsenal, 2nd series production. S#33616. This pistol is matching including both magazines. It came in the leather holster with shoulder strap and Model 14 cleaning rod (see below).


This is a rather "common" production T14 with almost 8,000 pistols being produced that month. (See the production charts listed under Pistols on the home page.) However, it is in mint condition with 2 matching magaziness - very difficult to find pistol rigs in that condition. As for value, it would depend somewhat on geographical location as lately people have been reporting a wide disparity. This pistol sold recently (November, 2000) for $550.




Picture number 002 (courtesy of Earl Battey)



Picture number 003 (courtesy of Earl Battey)



Picture number 004 (courtesy of Earl Battey) The top line, far left, indicates, Nagoya arsenal, 2nd series production followed by the serial number 33616. The 19.4 production date (bottom line) equates to April of 1944.




Picture number 005 (courtesy of Earl Battey) Model 14 cleaning rod.


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