Model 94 Pistol



Picture number 001 (courtesy of Earl Battey) This Model 94 pistol is matching including 1 magazine. It came in the leather holster with shoulder strap and Model 94 cleaning rod (see below).


There were about 2000 Model 94's produced during this production month. (See pistol production charts; go to the home page under pistols.) The late war, slab sided grips were a production change from the earlier checkered bakelite grips. Model 94 holsters with original shoulder straps such as the one pictured are very rare.



Picture number 002 (courtesy of Earl Battey)



Picture number 003 (courtesy of Earl Battey)



Picture number 004 (courtesy of Earl Battey) Manufacturer's code (far left, bottom line) shows Kokubunji factory of Chuo Kogyo production. Serial number (right) is 61753. The 19.10 production date (far left, top line) equates to October of 1944.



Picture number 005 (courtesy of Earl Battey)Model 94 cleaning rod.


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