From the August 2001 issue, pages 212 - 213





From the October 2001 issue, page 259.

A couple of issues back Jerry Price wrote about US Marines faking/reproducing Japanese flags by using their issue utility buckets as a meatball pattern. The article closed with editor asking if anyone might have a USMC issue utility bucket out there? Yep. Got that.

My father Lawrence E. Brown enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after Pearl Harbor. He was assigned to armor (M3 Stuarts and later LVTs for the assault on Peleliu and LVT(AS) for the assault on Okinawa) and fortunately came home in one piece. He shipped stateside in 1945 and was assigned to guard duty while waiting to be de- mobilized. Upon arrival, he was issued (among other items) a Wheeling manufacture galvanized bucket. The bucket had a couple of other Marine owners, including one "Kiefer." It currently serves as a recycling bucket.

My Dad and I recently traced the circles made by both the bottom of the bucket and the top. The bottom measures 9 1/2 inches across; the top measures 11 7/8 inches across.


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