From BANZAI, November, 1999, page 318.


 "Fake" Sniper Rifles



Should you be in the market for an Arisaka sniper and are willing to pay top $$ for one with a matching scope keep Victor Soto's telephone number (which is in the directory) handy. CALL VIC PRIOR TO PURCHASE! Vic has been researching and documenting sniper scopes for years and has an extensive file on scope makers, serial numbers and the rifles to which each reported scope was assigned. Recently three scopes were reported to Vic, all of which were matched to the rifles they were purchased with. Earlier the same three had been reported as UNISSUED. (No rifle number stamped on back plate.) They had been numbered to the rifle in the last few years. Continue to report any scope you see to Vic. Info. needed is the: power, makers logo, makers serial number, and rifle to which the scope was assigned (on the front on 97 2.5X units, on the back on the cam plate that locks the, scope to the mount on T-99 2.5 and 4x scopes). ANY RIFLE WITH A MATCHING TELESCOPIC SIGHT IS SUSPECT. I'VE ONLY SEEN ONE, A KOKURA 99, THAT COULD HAVE BEEN "RIGHT." Vic is in the process of moving so if you want to contact Vic use his e-mail address:


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