Picture Set 2


 Pictured is a small sample of Raymond LaBar's, Dalton, GA, Japanese bayonet collection. Raymond is one of Banzai's pre-eminent experts on Japanese bayonets. His display won Best of Show at the Ohio Valley Military Society's Louisville, KY, Show of Shows this past February.


 Trey Stancil, Hayden, AL, and Greg Myers, Jasper, AL, display part of their collection during the weekend informal "Show-and-Tell". Featured are Model 38's, 44's and 99's. Additionally, Greg brought a few of his prized Imperial German GEW 98s.


 George Taylor, Selma, AL, favors more unusual and rare firearms. Displayed are a 6.5mm Pressure Test Rifle, a Type 35 Naval Rifle, a Type 100 Paratroop Rifle, and Japanese rifles that have had Chinese SKS spike bayonets added to them and likely used by the North Koreans or the Viet Cong.


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