Bibliography of works containing information on Japanese rifles

Listed below are works that contain information on Japanese rifles with some comments. If the work is currently available, the address of the publisher is listed. If you know of other works that should be listed, please send an e-mail to giving as much information about the book as possible

The Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Short Rifle by D. H. White, Jr., W. S. White, F. A. Knapp, and G. H. Taylor. Published by Lodestone Publications, 4001 Windermere Drive, Tuscaloosa AL 35450.

Comments (Stan Zielinski, December, 2000) Best single source on the Model 99.

Military Rifles of Japan, 5th Edition, Fred L. Honeycutt, Jr., and F. Patt Anthony, ISBN 0-9623208-7-0, 1996. Available from Julin Books, 5282 Ridan Way, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418

Comments (Stan Zielinski, December, 2000) The standard reference on Japanese rifles.

Japanese Infantry Weapons, 1542-2001, Doss White, draft manuscript.

Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, originally published by the U.S. War Department as TM-E30-480, dated 1 October 1944. Re-published in 1991 by Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge. Louisiana.

Comments (Earl Battey, December 2000) This US Technical Manual is reprinted and available at your local bookstore. The best real edition I've seen though is the 1945 US War Department hardbound version. It has lots in it other than just firearms but is a good reference.

Comments (Stan Zielinski, January 2001) This also uses Model and not Type.

Japanese Rifles of World War II, Duncan McCollum, Excaliber Publications, PO Box 36, Latham, NY 12110-0036, ISBN 1-880677-11-3, 1996.

Comments (Stan Zielinski) Excellent reference for details of different variations.

(Japan) Arms & Ammunition, Catalogue A, reprint, available from Julin Books, 5282 Ridan Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

Comments (Stan Zielinski, January 2001) This is a reprint of a catalog issued about 1935 by the Japanese firm Taihei Kumiai, a major importer and exporter of military arms and equipment. It lists (with pictures) all types of military equipment, including small arms, that were for sale.

Comments (Earl Battey, December 2000) Reprinted and edited by Fred Honeycutt - excellent photographs.

Japanese Infantry Weapons, edited by Donald B. McLean, Normount Armament Company, Forest Grove, Oregon, 1966.

From the Preface: "This handbook is based largely on material from the Military Intelligence Division Special Series No. 19, which was originally published as classified material in December of 1943."

Comments (Stan Zielinski, January 2001) Note that this publication uses Model and not Type.

Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report Number 19. Subject: "Research, Development and Production of Small Arms and Aircraft Armament of the Japanese Army;" Prepared by: 1st Lieutenant Edward B. Bruderlin, Ordnance Department , and Robert S. Nelson, 1st Lietenant, Ordnance Department, 13 March 1946,; Office of the Chief Ordnance Officer, General Headquarters, Army Forces, Pacific, Tokyo, Japan. This was reprinted privately in 1971 and is now out of print.

Comments (Earl Battey, December 2000) On Japanese WW2 arsenals, ordnance, and infantry weapons.

Military Industries of Japan, Ushisaburo Kobayashi, D.C.L., Oxford University Press, New York, 1922.

From Preface (page ix) "The present investigation has been accomplished chiefly by Mr. Norimoto Masuda, Bachelor of Law and captain. For the purpose of collecting special materials, he personally visited government and public offices and private companies, and, traveling to many distant localities, inspected factories and cities, to secure the utmost accuracy of detail in the work."

Comments (Stan Zielinski, January 2001) Still the best source for ordnance and arsenal development in Japan prior to 1916, but lacks details on specific ordnance.

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