A Primer on Japanese Rifles

This section is intended as a resource to help you in identifying a particular Japanese rifle.

This section was begun by Stan Zielinski and Shannon Zeigler in July 2000. Additional contributions have been made by Earl Battey and Doss White. This section is still pretty rough and incomplete, so we encourage comments, corrections, additions, etc. We hope that this will eventually represent the collaborative efforts of all those interested in the collecting of Japanese rifles.

The sections currently with content are listed below.

Model 30

General Information



Model 30 Bolt Disassembly

Model 38

General Information




Model 38 Cavalry Rifle

General Information

Model 38 Carbine

Model 44_Carbine

Model I Rifle

Model 99

Introduction to the Model 99

The Model 99 Long Rifle

The Early Model 99

Model 2 Paratroop

Model 99 Sniper Rifle

The Transitional Model 99

The Substitute Standard "Last Ditch" Model 99

Navy Special

Model 99 Part Variations


Bibliography of Works on Japanese Rifles


Rifle FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Determine If a Rifle Has Matching Numbers


The following chart of manufacturer's logos should aid in identifying which arsenal made your rifle.


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