General Information on Model 30 Rifle



 Picture number M30010 (picture courtesy of Shannon Zeigler) Model 30 rifle Adopted in the 30th year of the reign of the Emperor Meiji (Western year 1897), this rifle replaced the Murata Model 22 rifle with tubular magazine and was the first Japanese rifle in 6.5mm caliber. Note the safety (the hook shaped projection at the rear of the bolt) is on. The Model 30 is often referred to as the "hook safety" model.



 Picture number M30020 (picture courtesy of Shannon Zeigler) Top view of the receiver and bolt



 Picture number M30030 (picture courtesy of Shannon Zeigler) Rear view of the receiver and bolt. The characteristic hook-shaped safety at the rear of the bolt (shown here in the cocked,safety off position) is one of the key identifiers of this model.


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