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Started by Don Harper in 1982, BANZAI has become a medium for all levels of Japanese militaria collectors to exchange information and buy, sell or trade all kinds of Japanese militaria. This web site is designed to augment BANZAI by providing a ready reference in the form of reprints of articles from BANZAI and a source for data sheets and on-going requests for research information on a variety of projects dealing with Japanese militaria. As such, this web site is not just an electronic version of BANZAI; and if you are interested in any aspect of Japanese militaria then you should be subscribing to BANZAI. (See the subscription information at the bottom of this page.)

To make loading faster, this site has been broken down into a number of smaller parts, which are listed in the table of contents below. To maximize the amount of useful information available, there are no flashy graphics and picture quality has been formulated for optimum display on a computer monitor. (Comments on picture quality would be appreciated.)


This site has now been active for over twenty years and we are still looking for contributions. As always, contributions are first printed in BANZAI and then transferred to this web site.

The following areas are planned for inclusion on this web site. If you have suggestions for additional areas, or any other comments or suggestions for this site, please e-mail them to . Those items marked under construction presently have no link to any further information.


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Cover pages for December 2023, January and February 2024 issues

Japanese Rifle Parts Exchange


(For now, the bolt matching section is at the end of the above section.)


The BANZAI "Shoot-out" Annual Pictures

Information and Background on the Shoot-out

1999 Pictures

2000 Pictures

2001 Pictures


Research Requests and Information Wanted

World War II APO and FPO Locations

Model 99 Rifle Research

Model 44 Carbine Research

Research Request on Chinese 65 Rifles

Fakes and Reproductions

The Problem of Fakes and Reproductions

Fake Sniper Rifles

Reproduction Alert: 30mm Rifle Grenade

Counterfeit Japanese "Meatball" Flags

Nambu Fakery (November 2001)

In Search of the Illusive Japanese Luger (October 2002)

Product Review - Replica Holsters, Straps and Lanyards (December 2003)

Early Japanese Vented Helmets (October 2005)

Fake Tojo Flags(September, 2023)

Data Sheets (for information being collected on various items; updated 14 May 2021)

Requests for Data Sheets


Filling out data sheets on Japanese rifles is probably not a very enjoyable task but it is important to those individuals who are collecting the information on these rifles. And you may learn a little more about the rifle(s) you have. It is the only way for those individuals collecting the information to “examine” a large number of rifles to note differences and other characteristics to be able to accurately describe these rifles. And they are not only collecting the information but organizing the information for articles in BANZAI. So who knows; maybe your rifle will turn out to be an unusual or even rare example. An extensive list of data sheets for not just the common models of Japanese rifles but also for less common models like the Type 97 and 99 sniper rifles, the Type 100 and 2 paratroop rifles, and training rifles as well as Siamese Type 46, 47 and 66 rifles, Mexican Contract Model 1913 rifles and Chinese Type 19 and 30 carbines can be found at


Book Announcements with Ordering Information (There is also a Japanese Rifle Bibliography in the Japanese Rifle Primer section below.)

Japanese Imported Arms of the Early Meiji Era (May, 2011) Ebook version at for $9.99

Japanese Murata Rifles, 1880 - 1897 (August, 2010)

Kindle version at for $9.99

The Early Arisakas

Ebook version at for $9.99

The Type 38 Arisaka, Revised Edition (August 2021)

Ebook version at for $38.99

Japanese Sniper Rifles of the Second World War Ebook version at for $9.99

Naval Special Type 99 Rifles and Carbines Ebook version at for $9.99

The Siamese Mauser Ebook version at for $9.99

The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson Ebook version at for $9.99


Book Updates and Corrections

Purpose of This Section

Military Rifles of Japan, 5th Edition

Feature Articles from Previous Issues

Japanese Army and Navy Flag Traditions

War Trophy Documentation "Capture Papers" WWII

The Missing Mum Mystery

"New" Model 94 Pistol Variant

Arisaka Model 99 Carbines

The Proper Translation is Model Not Type

Italian-Japanese MP 38/43 Machine Pistol (October, 2003)

The Benefits of Collecting

Japanese Pistols

Japanese Handgun Websites

Model 14 Pictures

Model 94 Pictures

Type 14 Nambu Production Marking Variations – The Rarest of the Rare

Nambu Model 94 and Model 14 Serial Number Ranges

Model 14 Nagoya Nambu 11.3 "Off-Date" - Fact or Fiction?

North China Model 19 Pistol Picture

Model 94 Barrel Rear Lug Configuration Study

Japanese Rifles

A Japanese Rifle Primer (Currently includes sections on Models 30, 38, 38

carbine, 38 cavalry rifle, 44, I, and 99.)

Training Rifle Markings

Model 44 Carbine Research Data Charts (November, 2001)

Model 99 Short Rifle Inspection Markings

Model 99 Stock Finish

Update on Model 99 Stock Finish

Japanese Rifle Export Serial Number Ranges

Sniper Scope Logos

Japanese Rifle Sling Web Site

Japanese Bayonets

Model 35 Bayonet

Bayonet Manufacturers Logos

Straight Gripped Matsushita National Bayonet

Hoten Bayonet JB - 124, Variation E

Japanese Ordnance

Japanese Coastal Gun

Ceramic Mines

Japanese Tank in Thai Army Museum

Aluminum Training Grenade

Rifle Grenade Launchers

Rifle Grenade Launcher Web Site

Model 100 Rifle Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launchers Part 1

Japanese Aviation (under construction)

Japanese Army Uniforms and Field Gear

                                                Japanese Army Backpacks (March 2006)

Japanese Navy

Japanese Navy Smoke Grenade

Japanese Paratroops (under construction)

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The Collectors' Exchange - A list of individuals/companies that offer restoration services, reproductions, and/or are interested in buying/selling Japanese militaria.

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